Custom Typographical Illustrations

Custom Monograms

Bespoke letter combinations work to create a monogram that thoughtfully celebrates a wedding, relationship or anniversary. A great way to pay tribute to love. These illustrations become treasured keepsakes that find themselves decorating the walls of a home and providing heartfelt little reminders of a shared love.  

Custom Typographical Illustrations

Custom Letters

Bespoke letter illustrations make the perfect gift for someone special and are a wonderful way to decorate your home. Create a personal connection to a room by creating a letter that represents it's inhabitants and communicates messages about what makes that person special. 

Simona Illustrates Custom Letter for Lit

Custom Typographical Illustrations

Custom Names

Bespoke name or word illustrations are customised pieces of art for your family, your home or as a gift for someone special. Commission a name as a great gift or use your family name to celebrate the wonder that is your family unit. Significant or motivational words also make inspiring additions to the walls of your home. 

Custom Illustrations


Pet Portraits

Portraits of beloved pets always get big smiles! With added botanical elements, you can portray the pet's characteristics through floriography and symbolism to make it extra special.



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