Be Wild, Rewild Project

This summer I watched celebrated British naturalist, David Attenborough’s, “A Life on our Planet”. The film is a witness statement for the natural world and a vision for the future of our planet. I wept, I shouted out loud at the television, I felt utterly doomed.

But then Sir David told me that it wasn’t too late, that action can and MUST be taken now to pull our planet back from the brink.

Firstly, if you haven’t watched the film – do it NOW!

Having watched the film, this was what I heard - we need to rewild the world and “put nature at the heart of our decisions”.

Nature is healing and beautiful but it is also “the single most fundamental factor in our civilisations survival”.

But what can I do? I asked myself.

“The problems may seem daunting but together we can change course,” said David.

Ok, I thought. Use what you know.

Illustration. As someone who is perpetually inspired by nature, I wanted to create something that raises awareness of the need for rewilding and yet I wanted it to be more sustainable than a paper product. Therefore, I’ve created what I call my “Be wild, Rewild” project, where I have combined my illustrations with useful and sustainable products.

I have created an eco wildflower tote bag. The bag is screen printed in the UK on a 100% recycled tote bag and as part of the packaging, has a recycled paper imbibed with native British wildflower seeds. My illustration surrounding the “Be wild, Rewild” message depicts the same wildflowers that will grow from the seeds, alongside some bees and butterflies, who are particularly attracted by these flowers. This tote bag allows you to not only spread the message of the importance of rewilding the world but to also get started on your own rewilding with the seeded paper packaging.

Also available is a wildflower tea towel, which again uses British wildflower seeded paper packaging and is decorated with the same wildflowers, bees and butterflies.

Look out for my shop update on Friday 20th November at 6pm to get yours!

In a bid to help with some of the larger scale issues of rewilding, I have also teamed up with Rewilding Britain, to whom I will be donating a portion of the profits from any of my “Be wild, Rewild” items for sale.

Rewilding Britain’s vision is to see rewilding flourishing across Britain, reconnecting us with the natural world, sustaining communities and tackling the species extinction crisis and climate emergency.

The shop will be updated to include the "Be Wild, Rewild" project on Friday 20th November at 6pm GMT.

Follow me on instagram for updates.

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