Botanical Pet Portrait Commission

Simona Illustrates Ink Botanical Cat Portrait Illustration
Ink Botanical Cat Portrait Illustration

I love taking on commissions, especially when I know they're being commissioned as a heartfelt gift for someone. When I was contacted to create a pet portrait with a botanical twist, I couldn't wait to get started.

After receiving images of the cat whose portrait I was illustrating, I asked for lots of information about his character to start building ideas for how to capture his spirit and portray some of his characteristics through the botanical elements.

On learning that this cat had a bit of a 'wild' side and enjoyed spending lots of time outdoors, hunting, playing and getting a bit messy, I planned to created a crescent wreath of wild British botanicals to frame his portrait. I also dotted a few creeps crawlies within the flowers, plants and fungi.

Many of the botanicals used in the illustration were selected to convey messages through their symbolism. For example, ferns were used as they symbolise sincerity towards others, magic, fascination, confidence, and a secret bond of love - which all tie into the cat's personality. Acorns and oak leaves symbolise strength and morale. Mushrooms, which are considered a good-luck symbol, were added for prosperity.

The insects selected also communicate the cat's nature. The moth symbolises determination, the bee brightness and the beetle persistence and instinct, for example.

Would you like to create your very own bespoke pet portrait? Contact me to discuss further.

Framed Ink Cat Portrait Illustration by Simona Matuozzo
Framed Ink Cat Portrait Illustration

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