Simona Illustrates #colourinbrum Birmingham Colouring Art Print

What is #colourinbrum?

As you know from my illustrations I love fine details and favour a monochrome look and whilst I adore my black and white Forward Brum Print, I wanted to find a way to incorporate all of Birmingham’s colourful diversity too. Rather than create a colour version, I created a colouring version to get beautiful Brummies involved in representing the colour and diversity of our wonderful city. That means the colour work is now up to you!

Simona Illustrates #colourinbrum Birmingham Colouring Art Print ready to colour

5 Reasons why you need to get colouring

The last few years have seen a huge rise in adult colouring and let me tell you why taking some time out to yourself to indulge in a little bit of colouring is definitely not just for kids!

  1. We all know that meditation is good for you and that even just 5 minutes a day can seriously benefit your health. 5 minutes. Colouring is a really good way of relaxing the mind, creating focus and encouraging mindfulness. Think of it as a colourful alternative to meditation.

  2. You’ll focus on the moment and ‘switch off’ the negative or intrusive thoughts as you get lost in the joy of colouring

  3. Colouring can be your digital detox. Any time that you set aside to do a little colouring is time that you will most likely have swapped out for time spent on a screen. Save your eyes from the TV, the computer or your phone and get old school with your paper and pencils.

  4. There is the added bonus that once you have completed your colouring, you’ll have a beautifully bespoke illustration to hang on your wall, that perfectly represents you!

  5. You’ll have something to feel proud of; whether that’s feeling proud to have taken some time to yourself to heal or whether you’ve created a colour masterpiece to hang on your wall.

Simona Illustrates #colourinbrum Birmingham Colouring Art Print in Birmingham

Photograph by Rida Suleri-Johnson @Beforeandagain_

#colourinbrum is about encouraging YOU to share your colour creations and shining a light on our beautiful, diverse city and its beautiful and diverse people! I cannot wait to see what you share! It could simply be the image of your coloured-in print, it could be you sharing an image of yourself as a proud Brummie with your print or you could hold up your print in your favourite part of Brum.

The colours you choose as part of your colouring process are representative of you as a colourful Brummie and each and every one will be unique, just like you! So let’s #colourinbrum!

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