Creating a Custom Wedding Monogram

Illustrated wedding gift custom monogram
Hand Illustrated Wedding Monogram - Illustration Style Inside the Letters

Looking for the perfect wedding gift? Then look no further than a personalised monogram illustration that goes the extra mile in celebrating such a joyful occasion!

I recently created this beautifully bespoke ink monogram to be given as a wedding gift from the client to the happy couple.

Want to find out about the process of commissioning a custom monogram? I'll be taking you through the steps using this illustration as an example.


The Custom Illustration Shop has the custom illustrations I offer as standard available to order at the click of a button! You simply choose which illustration you are looking to have created, select a size option, type the letters you would like created and write down the ideas you have for how you would like the illustration personalised in the boxes provided.

Monograms: I offer two different monogram options as standard - Illustration Inside the Letters and Illustration Outside the Letters. If you have something different in mind that you would like creating, you can contact me to discuss further.

This illustration was created inside the letters.


I recommend you include up to 3 personal items per letter, for example, name favourite flowers, plants and creatures or let me know of a specific breed of pet to include. You can even name specific objects of personal significance to you that I can weave into the illustration, such as a special date, an engagement ring etc.  Don't worry if you have more or fewer than 3 ideas per letter, let me know your ideas and I will see what I can do to include the ideas you have.

The client asked that the D&D wedding monogram included the following:

Flowers: Daisies, Daffodils and Roses.

The daisies were chosen for one half of the couple who is called the same. The daffodils were selected to represent the Welsh heritage of the other half of the couple. All of the flowers featured in the couple's wedding day decorations.

Architecture: Building & Bridge

The building featured is the location of the wedding reception and the bridge of the same grounds was used for the wedding photographs.

Personal Objects: Wedding Date, Engagement Ring, Bow Tie, Cocktail & Beer Can

The date of the couple's wedding day was illustrated onto a decorative ribbon around the ampersand, in the centre of the illustration. The engagement ring and the bow tie are both things the couple respectively wore on their wedding day. The cocktail was included as one of the couple's passions is drink creation and tasting (for which they have a dedicated social media account). The beer can is included as one of the couple works in graphic design and he designed the unique pattern for the brand's packaging. The beer can and the cocktail were each illustrated in hands that were raising their drinks in a toast to their wedding day.


The background of the letters was filled in with the same graphic designer's pattern.


Once you have placed your order, I will contact you directly to let you know a more accurate lead time on the illustration and to ask a few further questions to ensure I have understood exactly what you are looking for.


Custom Wedding Monogram Illustration - Pencil Preview

There is often a sense of fear about purchasing something that hasn't been created yet. I always ensure I keep you updated as the illustration is progressing and I send over a preview of the illustration in pencil for you to approve. This way, if you have any changes or something isn't quite as you had imagined, you can communicate these changes to me before the illustration is committed to ink. That way, there are no unwanted surprises.

Having said that, it is very rare that I make changes after sending the pencil preview over. I like to think it's one of my strengths to ensure I have a clear picture of what you want to convey through the personalisations before I start (that's why I ask lots of questions at the beginning!).

Like surprises? Once you've agreed to the pencil preview, I'll create the illustration in ink and offer you the option to see the preview of the ink version or save it as a surprise for when it arrives in the post!


All that's left to do is wait for the postman to arrive or come and collect your illustration from the studio (if you're local)! Whether you are gifting the illustration or keeping it for yourself, the excitement of seeing the ink illustration for the first time will hit you when you first open it up! Put the kettle on and enjoy a few moments with the illustration, looking for all the hidden personal objects.

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