Custom Branding Illustration

Illustrated Logo for Branding and Marketing Materials

I had the pleasure of creating a bespoke illustration for Kate Gilliland Jewellery (A Birmingham based jeweller who creates beautiful, nature-inspired jewellery pieces).

This ink illustration was created within the letterforms and aims to encapsulate Kate's jewellery brand by including some of the natural world which inspires her creations. In this case, I used wild roses and a crab.

Kate creates beautiful jewellery, inspired by nature, including the cutest little crab pendants and rings, which inspired my illustration.

I love creating bespoke illustrations for small businesses. The handmade illustration reflects the handmade nature of the business' brand and communicates so much more about the brand than a logo can usually allow.

I used the same technique for my own branding. My logo is a simple, black monogram of my initials in a diamond outline but I have created an illustrated version which includes lots of illustrated botanicals and two illustrated hummingbirds. It communicates a lot about my brand; my love of nature and my intricately detailed, botanical illustration style, whilst still keeping my logo at its core.

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