Custom Wedding Monogram Illustration in Colour

As someone is the midst of planning their own wedding, I understand the desire to want to find something that will act as a special keepsake of the day. A custom wedding monogram illustration is the perfect way to bring your wedding day, as well as a celebration of your relationship, into your home, plus you’ll have something beautiful to decorate the walls of the home you share together as a married couple.

The wedding monogram illustration I created for Joanna and David is filled with personal references ‘hidden’ within the illustration. Creating a custom illustration that includes these deeply personal touches establishes a connection with the artwork; something I am passionate about.

Joanna and David also used the wedding monogram illustration for their wedding invitations. By using the line illustration in place of the full colour illustration, the wedding invitations were tied to the illustration they’d commissioned for their home making their invitations extra special to them but also differentiating the illustration and invitations slightly.

The Personal Touches

The wedding monogram illustration is made up of the couple’s initials, around which loops a rope tied in a simple hitch that symbolises the couple ‘tying the knot’ or ‘getting hitched’. The rope is also a reference to the bride’s tattoo. The botanicals used are all symbolic of marriage and relationships. In the Victorian language of flowers, Ivy represents fidelity and attachment, Dahlias symbolise commitment and eternal love and roses are for true love and passion. The roses are also a nod to the groom’s favourite band; Guns and Roses.

In the background of the illustration lie Scottish mountains and a valley to represent not only the idyllic location in which the couple will be married but also the groom’s Scottish roots. Within the illustration, just poking out from the couple’s initials are their treasured motorbikes, which are shared passion of the couple.

Commission your own wedding monogram illustration to use for your wedding stationery or to decorate your home with a lasting keepsake of your special day.

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