Custom Wedding Stationery for Destination Wedding

It's always such a happy occasion when you hear of friends, family, acquaintances getting engaged. Even better, when the happy couple asks you to design a custom wedding stationery set to announce the big day to all their loved ones.

A few months ago, Richard and Ravi came to talk to me about their wedding invites and discussed their ideas for what they wanted the design of their stationery to reflect about them and their big day.

A destination wedding in Portugal for a couple who not only love to travel but who also got engaged in another fabulous European destination; Rome, called for a theme that evoked their wanderlust.

The brief called for an invitation that was designed to look like an airline ticket, ready to whisk guests away to the beautiful Portuguese destination the couple have picked out. The travel theme was to be handled subtly and be crisp, clean and sophisticated, featuring an element of a European map. To match the colours of their outfits for the day, the colours were set to be blush pink hues with navy accents.

A hop and a step away from my usual illustration work this was a foray into a more graphic led design.

Although, it wouldn't be 'SimonaIllustrates' without a little illustration...

In keeping with the wedding destination, a branch from an olive tree - an eminent feature of the Portuguese landscape - worked as an appropriate botanical element that didn't connote too much femininity. With the prominent blush pink colour tones, the illustrated element had to more foliage than floral to ensure both parties were represented in their invites. As a symbol of peace and friendship, it also worked nicely as an invitation to their loved ones.

This olive branch was hand drawn on the iPad as a vector illustration, which was used in two main elements of the design in both navy and pink:

The pink olive branch illustration surrounds the pink frame onto which the couple's monogram was placed to create a kind of personal logo element that was used throughout the stationery to give it a branded feel.

The navy olive branch was used to encircle a QR code which was placed onto the ticket invitation to give it an authentic airline ticket look. This QR code also leads the guest directly to the couple's wedding website, where they can find more details about the big day and RSVP.

You should be able to spot these elements on the finished wedding stationery set pictured below.

I worked with Richard and Ravi very closely throughout the whole process, responding to feedback, tweaking the layout and tailoring the design to their exact requirements, resulting in a wedding invitation set that felt truly personal to them and which they were very happy to send out to their guests.

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