Custom Word Illustration

A beautifully bespoke word illustration, I created this illustration for a son to gift to his mother to celebrate her favourite place and all the happy memories it holds.

The word - Croyde - is a village on the coastline of North Devon, England, a place named an area of outstanding natural beauty.


Naturally, I used the the place itself and its picturesque beach as a starting point. The sea at Croyde bay produces powerful waves (popular with surfers) so I knew I had to include big swashes of water in the illustration.

Sea detritus, such as seashells, stones and driftwood are included not only as a reference to the place but also to represent the recipients much enjoyed pastime of collecting seashells etc on her visits to Croyde.

From there, I focussed on including the family history and memories associated with Croyde in the illustration.

Included are a swimmer to represent the generations of the family whom have learnt to swim at the beach here. A spade and bucket embody the family time spent playing in the sand on the beach. The family bungalow/holiday home and grandma's post war caravan are also depicted.


See a time-lapse of some of the work involved in the later stage of the illustration creation; the ink work.


I am always so honoured to receive feedback from the recipients of my illustrations and this wonderful testimonial was no exception:

I had the most wonderful surprise this morning, my favourite place by my favourite artist. The bungalow is there, Granny's caravan, bucket and spade, such precious, special memories. Thank you so very much Simona. I love it!

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