D&D Wedding Monogram Illustration

Hand Drawn Custom Wedding Monogram Illustration

A beautifully bespoke, handmade wedding gift, I created this monogram for a client to give as a gift to a recently married couple.

The illustration was created within the letterforms, with each and every illustrated element relating to the couple in one way or another. I worked closely with the client to look at pictures of the couple's wedding and find out some details about the couple to include within the illustration. In the end, we managed to squeeze in 11 personalised illustrated elements.

Daisies, Daffodils and Roses

The daisies were chosen for one half of the couple who is called the same. The daffodils were selected to represent the Welsh heritage of the other half of the couple. All of the flowers featured in the couple's wedding day decorations.

Building & Bridge

The building featured is the location of the wedding reception and the bridge of the same grounds was used for the wedding photographs.

Wedding Date, Engagement Ring, Bow Tie, Cocktail & Beer Can

The date of the couple's wedding day was illustrated onto a decorative ribbon around the ampersand, in the centre of the illustration. The engagement ring and the bow tie are both things the couple respectively wore on their wedding day. The cocktail was included as one of the couple's passions is drink creation and tasting (for which they have a dedicated social media account). The beer can is included as one of the couple works in graphic design and he designed the unique pattern for the brand's packaging. The beer can and the cocktail were each illustrated in hands that were raising their drinks in a toast to their wedding day.

The background of the letters was filled in with the same graphic designer's pattern.

Watch the illustration coming to life here as I illustrate all the bespoke items in ink:

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