Personalised Illustrated Wedding Invitations for a Postponed Italian Wedding (Covid-19)

An illustrated wedding invitation, save the date and details card inspired by the wedding destination of Sorrento, Italy.
Simona Illustrates Sorrento Wedding Invitation Suite

Last autumn, I created my own illustrated wedding invitation and stationery for our Italian summer wedding, taking place in Sorrento, Italy, just near where I grew up and where half of my family live.

Unfortunately, we - like many other unfortunate souls who were due to be getting married this year - have had to postpone our wedding until next year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I took the opportunity to rework some of our wedding stationery and to add a few more pieces to the suite to not only keep my creative juices flowing but to also get excited about our new wedding date.

Wedding Invitation Suite

Firstly, here's a look at our illustrated invitation. Although I've only changed the date on here, I wanted to talk through the illustrated floral wreath itself and it's personal significance to us and our wedding.

Wedding invitation with illustrated floral wreath, printed on handmade paper. The botanical elements included within the wreath illustration are hand picked by the couple and symbolise details of the wedding and the couple.
Simona Illustrates Customised Floral Wreath Wedding Invitation

The wreath includes the following:

Pansies - My all time favourite flower! In Victorian times this flower was used for courting and represented a display of love from one to another. It features in Shakespeare as a source of a magic love potion and it is associated with thought in the language of flowers as the name pansy derives from the french 'pensée'; to think. We thought this made it perfect, not only to represent our love story but also to send loving thoughts out to the recipients of the invitation. Pansies will also be decorating our wedding cake and more on the day.

Pepper - The long peppers depicted hold two meanings. Firstly, it represents our beloved dog; Pepper, whom we are (excessively) in love with and wanted to include her in some way in our wedding as she won't be able to be with us on the day. They are also a nod to the Neapolitan 'cornicello', which is an Italian amulet or talisman worm to protect against the evil eye (or malocchio in Italian) and bad luck in general. After Covi-19, I think we could all use a little bit of protection against bad luck!

Lemons - The lemons are to represent our wedding destination of Sorrento, which is famous for having the best lemons in all of Italy (and beyond!). Our wedding reception venue, Villa Zagara, has the most beautiful gardens filled with lemon trees and our wedding decorations and menu will be including some lemons too. It's also a little nod to the nickname of 'Limona' that I was given as a child by one of my Italian aunties.

Wild Stocks (Gillyflower) - These beautiful flowers are a symbol of contentment and a happy life, something all new couples wish for their future together. We wanted to include something that represented our married future as well as our wedding day.

Queen Anne's Lace - I had to include this delightful flower as it's one of my favourites. In the language of flowers it represents sanctuary, security and femininity. We found sanctuary with one another in our long time together (16 years!) and we wanted something to celebrate that feeling.

Wedding Details Card

We kept our details insert really simple as we have created a wedding website that has LOADS of information on it already. Just the times and addresses for the ceremony and reception, the dress code and the website link.

Simona Illustrates Wedding Details Insert for Wedding Invitation Suite

Save the NEW Date Card

Our new Save the Date features our wedding reception venue illustration on the front and the new wedding date and details on the reverse.

Simona Illustrates Save the New Dates for Wedding Postponement

Illustrated Wedding Map

Our wedding ceremony venue is a 5 minute walk along beautiful old cobbled, roman streets to the reception venue. Rather than organise transport for our guests, we're asking them to take a leisurely stroll over to the wedding reception villa on foot. Therefore, we decided a little illustrated map would be a lovely way of showing them the way. I love the idea of guests holding onto their maps as they walk over to the villa where they will be welcomed into their Italian 'apperitivo' in the villas beautiful gardens with a 'belvedere' overlooking the bay of Naples.

An illustrated wedding map, depicting the wedding ceremony and reception venues, printed on handmade paper. Both venues have been meticulously drawn in delicate detail.
Simona Illustrates Custom Wedding Venue Map

More Wedding Stationery

I haven't stopped there (I just don't have pictures of the rest yet!). I've also created, an order of service, menus, table numbers and a welcome sign - all including elements of the illustrations from the invitation suite. Pictures coming soon!

If you're interested in getting some illustrated wedding invitation and stationery made for your upcoming wedding, please contact me. I'm also in the process of creating some semi-custom, illustrated wedding suites that will be available this autumn, so look out for those!

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