S&B Wedding Monogram Illustration

A monogram is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters to form one symbol.

In the same way that a monogram brings together two initials to form one symbol, a wedding brings together two people, two hearts, to form one. What better way to celebrate and commemorate a wedding than to create a lasting keepsake that represents both parties as one beautiful entity?

This ink illustration was created outside of the letters to create the letterforms from the negative space left behind from the illustration.

S & B (Simona & Bradley) asked me to create this illustration to hang in their lovely new home to celebrate their upcoming wedding.

So what makes this illustration so unique to the couple?

The flora decorating the space around the initials of their names has been carefully selected to represent the countries they each originate from (Bulgaria & California). As the couple are having two wedding celebrations, in Bulgaria & California, both of which will be outdoors in beautiful gardens, the illustration was created to look a little like a wild garden of Bulgarian & Californian flowers growing around the letters.

You can see the framed illustration here, adorning the wall of their new home.

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